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'Dealing with Feeling...' books for children in our Leap for Kids store NOW!

In our Leap for Kids store we have a range of helpful books for children and care givers to assist in management of different emotions. One of the series we currently have in stock is the 'Dealing with Feeling...' series aimed at assisting children to identify and manage different feelings. Each book can be purchased individually to focus on particular emotions.

The books aim to normalise different emotions and to provide helpful tips. For example, it's OK to feel really angry sometimes when something unexpected or unfortunate happens, but it's not OK to hurt others, yourself, or any property. You might try walking away and having a cold glass of water to cool yourself down! The 'Dealing with Feeling...' Angry, Jealous, Shy, Proud, Worried, Caring & Sad books are all available now. Click on the books below to order or to explore the range of books we have in our Leap for Kids store.

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