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The consultation fees that psychologists charge vary according to type of service being offered, however, the maximum rate an individual will be charged is the current recommended rate for psychological services published by the Australian Psychological Society (APS).
There are government and private rebates that apply for psychological services. 



On November 1 2006, the Australian Government introduced Medicare Rebates for psychological services. These are available under Medicare’s Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative. This scheme offers financial assistance to individuals living with mental health problems, allowing them easier access to psychological services.

The Better Access to Mental Health Care Rebate offers referred individuals 6 psychology sessions per Calendar Year, with an additional 4 if this is considered reasonable and necessary by your psychologist and General Practitioner. In most cases, your claim can be processed on the spot at Leap for Kids.
To be eligible for the Better Access to Mental Health Care Rebate, you will need to consult your GP, psychiatrist, or paediatrician to obtain a written referral to the relevant psychologist and complete a Mental Health Care Treatment Plan.​


Private Health 

Most private health insurers offer rebates for psychological services.
To claim a rebate at Leap for Kids the following steps need to take place:
  • you must be covered by ancillary benefits insurance (the extras table)
  • the psychologist you see needs to be approved by your health fund
  • some health funds may require a medical referral
You will be provided  with a receipt to take to your insurer.
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