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The Social Series

These programs are run over three weeks, each session being one hour in length. They are visual, interactive and fun and are specifically designed for children in Prep to Grade 4.  



Your child will learn skills in resolving conflict and managing relationships. 


Topics covered: solving problems; accepting consequences; working together; taking ownership; responding to teasing; thinking about friends; admitting when a mistake is made; showing gratitude; responding to emotional situations and handling disagreements with friends.


           TIME TO TALK

In this program your child will learn important conversation skills.


Topics covered: introducing yourself; making comments & asking good questions during conversation; learning about idioms & using figurative language; maintaining and ending conversation; listening and taking turns; talking to different people: volume of voice and a whole lot more.

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In this program your child will learn important skills in Self - Management skills.


Topics covered: Learning to be flexible; respecting personal space; managing loud environments; taking care of belongings; asking for things you want; learning to compromise; knowing what information to share; good sportsmanship and making your own choices. 

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