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Resources for Parents and Children in relation to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

With uncertainty brings fear, anxiety and increasingly uncomfortable feelings. With the spread of Coronavirus globally we will all be experiencing these feelings in varying degrees and our children are no exception. It is important that at this time we provide them with information that is factual and based on what we know right now. It is also a perfect opportunity to talk about the importance of social responsibility on an individual, family, community and global level. We appreciate that with many families already at full capacity working through issues in relation to school closures, work and caring for family members, finding time to source information that would be suitable for children is an extra task. In our small way and in an effort to assist we will be posting materials as regularly as possible. We hope they may provide some resources and information that will be of benefit to you and your family. We have witnessed many disturbing behaviours that are driven by fear but if we take care to notice, amongst them also are acts of kindness, help and support. We can support our children by increasing their awareness of the good. There is so much we can do for each other at this time with kindness and compassion.

We hope the links below are helpful to you at this time. Emma

Australian Psychological Society - Tips for coping with Coronavirus Anxiety
ReachOut - Coping during Coronavirus
Video interviews with three therapists by Renee Jain at GoZen
Child Mind Institute - Talking to Kids about the Coronavirus
Understood - When Kids Are Anxious About Coronavirus - What to Do?
A Social Story about Pandemics and the Coronavirus by Carol Gray
Children Coronavirus Education - author Manuela Molina

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