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Leap for Kids - Book of the Month

BUCKET FILLING! A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids.

Welcome to the Leap for Kids BLOG!

Have you filled a bucket today? Have you heard about how filling buckets can improve your child's wellbeing by empowering them to make positive choices?

Imagine you carry a bucket around with you each day, and so do all of your friends. When you act in a positive, friendly way, you fill the bucket of someone else and you also fill your own! When you act in a negative way, you dip into someone else's bucket and perhaps empty your own. This concept can be used to not only encourage positive behaviours in children, but to highlight that negative choices can be replaced with positive ones, thus empowering children to be positive members of their community.

We have three multi-award winning bucket filling books for sale in our online bookstore. All three use the same concept are are directed at age groups, 3-9 years old, with 'Have You Filled a Bucket Today' being most suitable for the older years in this age group.

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