Children are sometimes anxious about new experiences and they worry about failing. Thoughts or scripts such as ' I can't' can restrict healthy play and learning.  

This book is designed to help young children develop constructive alternatives to unnecessary 'worry' thoughts. In this story, Fuzzy the Little Sheep helps his anxious sister Lizzy attempt different activities and test herself in gentle, realistic ways. Her fears are shown in ways that the young child can relate to. Lizzy is shy and afraid of failing or making mistakes, so she refuses to play and try new things. Fuzzy devises a plan whereby she gets to add a new stone to a rock pile every time she tries something new. She starts out small, but eventually tries more and more things as she gets excited by the growing rock pile and realizes how much fun she is having in her play. She is pleased to master new things and becomes aware of changes in her feelings.  

Coping strategies are shown using humorous imagery, relaxation techniques, and self-soothing scripts. Gradually increasing challenges are reinforced by visual evidence (the growing rock pile) and positive consequences.

Age Range: 3-7

When Lizzy was afraid of trying new things

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