The tween years are a time of change and possibility. They are also a time when kids may begin to feel confused, unsure, and even different. Have you ever felt like that? This book is for you — the tween!
The Tween Book is chock full of tips, advice, research, and reflection questions to help you navigate the tween experience, including:

- Finding the right pace for growing up
- Adjusting to your changing role in your family
- Gaining independence and responsibilities
- Making decisions and setting goals for your future
- Understanding your changing looks and your body image
- Getting crushes on other kids and dating (or not!)
- Making friends and hanging out in groups
- Dealing with rumors, teasing, and even bullying
- Completing schoolwork and getting organized

And more! Take a look inside and begin your tween adventure!

Tween Book: A Growing-Up Guide for the Changing You

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